Introducing: BimmerPod Season 2

Now that we’re about to jump into 2023, we’re delighted to announce Season Two of BimmerPod, the fun, engaging, and opinionated podcast about BMW. The new season will include a wealth of informative and entertaining topics. Is the new G-87 M2 a great car, or a great joke? What has happened to BMW design? The new XM – is electric as good as ICE? What’s up with BMW racing in 2023? Have you considered BMW Sim Racing? What do you know about BMW Mixed-Reality? These are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering in Season Two. 
Season One was great fun to produce, and included live recordings from the Festorics at Laguna Seca, the Legends of the AutoBahn, and O’Fest in Palm Springs. We also shared some good interview segments, including with Mi Ae Lipe, whose safety messages are direct and not to everyone’s liking – but are worth hearing about all the same. 
Season One was just the start of our adventure, and we hope you’ll join us for Season Two. Just click on Podcast to get the latest edition via the BimmerPod website, or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Index, Podcast Addict, Deezer, and anyplace podcasts are produced. 

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