The Little (and not so little) brother to BMW

The production of these small yet impressive vehicles dates back to 1959. Originally manufactured by the English-based company British Motor Corporation, BMW purchased the brand more than 20 years ago, and started a new chapter in Mini history.

Mini isn’t so mini anymore. The brand continues to evolve, and each new product builds on not only the history of the original Mini, but also demonstrates the commitment to modern tech – including leveraging multiple capabilities from parent BMW AG. While you can get an actual “Mini” Cooper – most of the newer products are larger, but still small vehicles. Purists may initially be put off, but there are thousands of earlier model Minis about, so there’s something for everyone! Mini owners are one of a kind!

Mini is a remarkable and historic brand, even if most of the current suite of vehicles aren’t so “mini” any longer.

Mini is a culture. Mini is fun. Mini is quick.
Mini is something you love and cherish.
Mini isn’t Maxie. Mini isn’t lux. Mini isn’t posh.
Mini is… well, mini.

Mini Owners are pretty big on rejoicing in their vehicle ownership!

Being a Mini owner is a lot of fun. Not only are the cars unique in their design (inside and out), but there’s so much to do! There are a wide array of local events, not to mention one of the most important annual treks for Mini owners: Mini Takes the States!

Discover what "Mini Takes the States" is all about!

Get involved: Mini Takes The States is Back for 2024!

We’ll post calendar events, podcast specials, and include Mini in our regular podcast releases for your listening enjoyment. We welcome anyone with a Mini vehicle to become part of

If you’re interested in the history of Mini, check it out here.

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