Okay, I have some BMWs

For some reason, everyone wants to know what kind of BMWs are in the garage. Okay, it’s true – I have had a LOT of BMWs in my lifetime – and as I’m now 157 years old, it makes sense! 

Without getting into too much “how cool am I?” stuff, just know that my first car was a 1968 BMW 1600 in faded red, with torn plastic seats. It was AWESOME fun to drive. I fixed it up, had a blast with it, and sold it for $800 more than I paid for it. Used the money to purchase a 1973 2002tii. And so it began…

Since then, I’ve had any number of makes and models of cars – but within the BMW world, 11 M-cars, two 3-series cars, one convertible M-Roadster, and one X4M SAV. Currently, my wife and I have a nice combo of vehicles:

2002 BMW M-Roadster, in Imola Red, with a red roof and black/red interior, S54 motor, and like new.
2021 BMW M2 Competition, Alpine White, with a number of custom motorsport add-ons
2021 BMW i3s REX, Capparis White, with Giga Brown Natural Leather and Carum Spike Grey Wool Cloth.

Each car has its purpose – and my oh my, do we love driving.

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