When BMWs Show Up on Route 66

Although there were just a few days of advance notice, the BMWCCA L.A. Chapter invited BMWCCA members and others to show up at the legendary Legends Diner on Route 66 for a “family friendly” event. Sure, it was the night before Easter and the day of Passover, but there were some folks who brought their BMWs for an outing – myself included. 

The last time an event was held at Legends was in November 2021. That event was packed. This one not so much – about 22 cars overall. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a blast to be there! Every BMW event has the potential to be interesting. In this case, the attendees sort of figured out how to socialize and share stories on their own, but it worked out pretty well. 

There were some fun cars there – a tricked out 2002, a number of M cars, an Alpina that was nearly cherry (Oops! Is that still a word?), and a very nice 535i sedan – with a NOT E30 license plate. How could anyone be confused?

I brought my 2021 M2 Competition, and low and behold, another example – same year, same options suite, showed up right next to mine. That led to “when did you order it?” and, “So cool that it’s a 6-speed, right?” and so on and so forth. A lot of people asked about the car – and it led to some really fun discussions. 

In hindsight, I probably should have brought my 2002 M-Roadster, as it would have “fit in” a bit better, but there’s always next time. By the way, check out the premiere of our podcast, as it includes some good discussion with attendees at the event! Thanks, BMWCCA!

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